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Zombocalypse is an awesome survival game where you play as a soldier who appears in the center of zombie apocalypse. Thousands of infected zombies are coming to kill you and your only weapon is machete. In fact, there are a lot of other weapons in the game, but your primary one is machete. Other weapons have limited ammo, so you must use them wisely. Once in several minutes, you will see the boxes falling from the sky. You might find some useful things in those boxes, for example new weapons, life bonus or killing bonus. There are more than 10 different weapons in Zombocalypse game but most of them are locked at the beginning of the game. Every time you complete a level, you are given points according to the number of zombies you killed. If the rank is high enough, your level will rise and you will unlock new stuff. Remember that the game is getting more and more difficult as you progress. The number of zombies will increase as well as their type. More stronger and more powerful zombies are coming to get you.

I really enjoy playing the Zombocalypse game. The endless survival mode is just awesome. Even though that there are a lot of different weapons in the game, I always try to get Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle. Machine Gun is awesome weapon against large crowds of zombies, while sniper rifle can hit enemies on big distance, so you can easily get a killing bonus with it. Oh, I forgot to mention about the bonuses.Every time you kill 50 or 100 zombies at a time, you can ask help from the air forces. They will bomb the area with missiles. Use those perks to kill crowds of zombies at a time.
Hope that you will sometimes come at this website and play the Zombocalypse game for free. Don't forget that the gaming progress is saved on our website, so bookmark it to avoid starting game from the beginning. Have Fun.